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Talent concept
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Give full scope to the talents and common development
Talent is the business development of the, this competition. Sidfen talents as the first resource in the enterprise, rely on talent as a fundamental prerequisite for the development of enterprises, to respect the talent as a fundamental criterion for the development of enterprises, to promote enterprise and employee as the fundamental task of the talent strategy of common development. In the practice of human resources activities, sidfen good for all types of personnel to provide a stage to display talent, do give full scope to the talents, use. At the same time, through various effective ways, and constantly improve the comprehensive quality of enterprise human resources management level and talents, promote mutual development of enterprises and employees, and allow employees to share the fruits of development of enterprises, and achieve common development, sharing success.
A, give full scope to the talents, use
Sidfen to uphold the interests of users as the core business philosophy, adhere to unite people with broad prospects for development, inspire people with good career goals. Through the establishment of a scientific and effective mechanism of talents, creating a positive environment for the growth of talent, committed to for every employee to provide a stage to display talent, and by creating opportunity for personal development, make all kinds of personnel have access to success, opportunity and platform for the realization of self value.
In the use of personnel, sidfen insist on respect for talent, respect for creation idea, not only academic heavy ability, not only diploma heavy horizontal, with people watching the performance, the ability to see the potential, see. Through the establishment of a fair competition mechanism and good cultural environment, fully mobilize the enthusiasm, every employee
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